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PEP Biotechnics LLC successfully represents bio-products of its own production in the market of environmental goods, where we have earned a reputation as an honest manufacturer and a reliable partner. Our main activity is the production of food and pharmacological products from crickets: flour, animal feed, dietary supplement / sports nutrition, candy bars, frozen food, canned food, fertilizers. Sale is carried out wholesale and retail, cash and bank transfer. Our production areas and sales offices are located in the Republic of Belarus. We are always open for international cooperation.


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Production areas are 500 m². The sanitary conditions of the farm have been tested by state authorities and meet all applicable requirements of the Republic of Belarus. The rooms are equipped with a microclimate system with a temperature of 27-30 °C and air humidity control.

Business features

We produce high-quality products, saturated with nutrients and minerals. Protein products from crickets contain a lot of protein (superior to beef) and a small percentage of fat. A feature of our business is a wide range of products and reasonable prices.

Crickets are one of the best feeds for terrarium animals and many species of birds, due to their nutritional value and easy digestibility. Crickets are fertile; they do not require specific feeds and quickly increase biomass in a short time.

The main markets for our products are Eastern countries. However, the demand for cricket products is growing among other countries. Crickets are already part of the diet of people who make up more than ¼ of the world's population, living in Central and South America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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