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Cricket farm franchise

Cricket farm franchiseNew

We are open for cooperation and offer partnership with the right to this business using our business model. The franchisee owner can act on his own behalf, using technology, raw materials, sales markets and the brand of PEP Biotechnics LLC. Relations between the parties and the cost of deductions are regulated by the contract, which is concluded individually, in each individual case.

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Business model

It defines the important processes necessary for the effective functioning of a business, its development and scaling. The business model of a cricket farm includes:




Features of the cricket market

The main markets for our products are Eastern countries. However, the demand for cricket products is growing among other countries. Crickets are already part of the diet of people that is more than ¼ of the world's population, living in Central and South America, Australia, Africa and Southeast Asia.


The price of cricket products is set approximately at the point of equilibrium between supply and demand. But since the market for cricket products is relatively new and is only being formed, so there are certain price fluctuations in one way or another. It means, ceteris paribus, lowering the price of cricket products increases demand (willingness to buy) and decreases supply (willingness to sell).


The demand for cricket products is constantly growing. It means that the needs of customers are increasing to buy these products in a certain quantity, paying for purchases at prices that are within the range available to them. However, while analyzing the dynamics of demand for cricket products, we should consider some important factors:

  • The level of income in society
  • Market size
  • Availability of substitute products
  • Inflation expectations


The supply of cricket products is less than the demand by about 20%. It makes possible to offer these products on the market at their own prices, over a period of time. It is during a certain period of time because the value of supply increases as the price of products from crickets increases. It follows that with increasing prices, profit grows, which means that it becomes more profitable for the manufacturer of cricket products to sell more goods. But in order to sell more goods, it needs to be produced, i.e. it is necessary to increase production volumes. This is the dynamics of the market that shows the prospects for the development of the cricket business and further possibility of its scaling. However, we should consider factors that influence the formation of a proposal:

  • Availability of complementary and substitute products from cricket
  • Technology level: cricket cultivation, its processing, production
  • Financing / Investment
  • Volume and availability of resources
  • Market size
  • Change of prices for similar products
  • Number of manufacturers of cricket products